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Foreign Organization

During this period, more than 20 exciting events including exhibitions, lectures, movie screenings and competitions will be held in Guangdong.
2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Singapore, and also the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, a landmark project of Sino-Singaporean government cross-border cooperation.

GD Expats

On January 10, let’s join this livestreaming in Guangdong for a blossoming tone to welcome a brand new year.
Mariana Ramos came from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She has been working as a Portuguese teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies since September, 2019. In the coming new year, Mariana hopes to see everybody in a normal situation, "so that we could hug each other, have a drink with each other again and socialize."
Pete Truman, one of those foreigners, listed various great experiences he had while living in China and received over 330 thousand likes.
Hamdy Elsobky, an American software engineer, built a website to help the Americans to know more about China.

Food & Health

Guangdong launches unified electronic health code for 1727 hospitals

How many medical cards do you have? Are you still looking for the one needed for the hospital you are planning to go? Have you brought the wrong medical records to the hospital and ended up buying another one every time?
How do you observe the local customs to celebrate a Cantonese style Chinese New Year? What New Year goods have you prepared? Guangdong local Wang Sifu has it all planned out for you. Check this out.
Guangdong is famous for its sultry and humid climate and high temperatures. Fresh foods are especially prone to spoilage in summer. Fruit and meals will always go rotten if left out overnight.

Language Learning

Catch the ‘golden mouse’ to win gifts from all around the world 抓財神鼠!迎全球大禮包!

Scan the qr-code to enter the game, and win big prizes!
If we gave you your first pot of gold, what would you invest the money in? Would you spend it frivolously, or make wise investment choices?
So you're learning Mandarin? You're attending Chinese classes. You've been building up your vocabulary in every way possible.

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